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The Swirl Love Story of Charity & Steve

Read the WhatsApp chats and discover how love unfolds serendipitously...

Charity-Stachini-Swirl-Love-Profile-Icon-70Written by Steve Stachini

This story is only written in a very brief format for the purpose of our Swirl Love site, the full in depth story shall be available in my forthcoming book titled “Amid The Flowers” which is the sequel to my autobiography “My Life Naked And Raw”...enjoy!
How it began...

Back in September of 2016 I was approached by a businessman who expressed an interest in setting up a yacht wrapping business with me in Dubai. We first met in Valencia and within only a few weeks he flew me out to Dubai to discuss plans in more detail. In essence, the idea was naturally for me to do all the work but with his financial backing, and he would be a partner reaping his percentage on each job. He was even willing to buy machinery, provide me with both work premises and a central office both of which I was shown. Seeming the work and business opportunity of which one can only dream about.

Swirl Love Story Dubai Panoramic

During my Dubai visit an exhibition stand for my yacht and vehicle wrapping business was booked for me at the forthcoming Dubai International Boat Show for the end of February 2017 and many details were finalised. My immediate task was to employ a sales representative to accompany my at the show and spend one whole month in Dubai promoting, doing presentations at pre-booked meetings and trying to generate interest and sales. Naturally I had in mind the type of person I required for such a position, however, it was difficult to get the people I knew within my trade to be able to take one month out of their existing jobs. So I turned to advertising the temporary vacancy online with a recruitment agency.
So why Charity?...

Within days I was quite literally inundated with applicants, some two hundred within two weeks, it was a nightmare. Many people who applied simply had no chance and I often wondered why on earth they were applying as so many simply were not suited to the advertised position. Nonetheless I had to check each CV which was so time consuming and I paused the advert during this time. Admittedly, I was heavily reliant on my backer (who I refer to as Mr. Dubai) before proceeding any further. Out of all the applicants I only held back and downloaded the details of a small handful . Immediately, for reasons which I can only explain as intuitive, there was one in particular which I knew had to be short listed, that being Charity’s CV, ironically, even though she was not strictly the ideal candidate, but something told to hang on to it.

Swirl Love Story Kampala Uganda Panoramic

Over the following weeks as I was engrossed in preparations for Dubai, I was still being pestered by applicants via WhatsApp, and as I was still waiting for certain things from Mr. Dubai, I was unable to confirm anything with anyone. However, the day came that rightly or wrongly, Charity was to be my chosen representative to join me on the new venture, in the hope that all would go well and would also turn into a permanent position for her within Yacht Wraps. Swiftly I told all applicants that the vacancy had been filled and I stopped the advertisement. Mr. Dubai had agreed with me a price to pay my sales representative for the initial one month’s work.
Swirl Love Story Steve and Charity
I can't explain...

Again I cannot explain other than a gut feeling, but I just knew that there was something more about Charity. I had also checked her out online as she is a fashion designer and this intrigued me due to the artistic element of her disposition. Little did I know that she too had researched me via my websites and online content, in quite an in depth way too. On WhatsApp, Charity was starting to ask more about myself, my work, my art and studio as much as wanting to know about the Dubai vacancy as I had not yet told her that she was to be the one to join me. And so our conversation began...

Swirl Love Story Gandia Spain Panoramic

Sadly, I had changed my phone prior to the beginning of this particular WhatsApp conversation and didn’t think of creating backups. Also at a later stage yet another phone change and although I had backed up everything, not all items were retrievable including some of my WhatsApp chats. Despite this, it is clear to see the direction Charity and I were heading. Read for yourself and paint your own picture of how our real, true life love story unfolded...

Go Team Swirl... Go Team Swirl...

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New Years Eve

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Charity-Stachini-Swirl-Love-Profile-Icon-70Charity-Stachini-Swirl-Love-Profile-Icon-70 Mr and Mrs Swirl

Many more hours of WhatsApp chat to come revealing how the new year gets off to an amazing start and flourishes into inevitable love, trust, honesty and romance, as well as the pain and heartache to follow. There is nothing more honest than the conviction of two people so deeply in love and connected by life, emotion and circumstance...

We are Charity and Steve... we are Swirl Love!
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