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Poetry about Mr. & Mrs. Swirl

A variety of poems for different moments in time and emotions.
All written from the heart... from Steve to Charity...

I Can't Sleep

From the ashes bore a single flower,
Which the daemons could not touch,
But relentless torment from all sides,
For this delicate was too much.

Petals withered, silently,
Floating to the ground,
The daemons rose triumphantly,
Whilst dancing all around.

The flower's soul began to cry,
Through fear of pure defeat,
But this moisture was it's very strength,
And it's heart began to beat.

The darkness which surrounded it,
Believed it's job was done,
It's torment and it's fiery rage,
Convinced that it had won.

Before too long, new flower buds,
Appeared around the stem,
The daemons simply took no note,
As they danced around again.

From strength to strength the flower grew,
Much stronger than before,
The daemons with no place to hide,
Just laid down on the floor.

Confused of how this flower lived,
The daemons turned to ash,
Whilst high above, the blossom shone,
Discarded of it's trash.

The ground below was mutual soil,
For both entities to evolve,
So who's to flourish, who's to win?
An easy puzzle to solve.

It's in your heart to find the one,
The one you really need,
The choice is yours, The outcome
Is dependent on the feed.

Good or bad, right or wrong,
The darkness or the light,
Self control and true belief,
Will help you sleep at night
Bless The Stars

This pain of love is so severe
The hurt it runs so deep
I only want to have you near
To lay beside me as I sleep

For without you each and every day
My heart bleeds the tears within
I miss you dear in every way
I cant smile, can’t even grin

To focus is too much to ask
Though I try without success
Life without you is the hardest task
It’s a love of loneliness

Though I know the pain will pass
And our time will soon be here
But my head is just like fragile glass
All misty and not so clear

So until the day we reunite
I battle every single minute
I try to work and try to fight
But my heart is just not in it

I need you here beside me now
For me there’ll never be another
Together we’re so strong somehow
As we energise each other

As one we are the perfect pair
Yet alone we fall apart
A couple with a love so rare
We knew it from the very start

And even though you share my pain
It doesn’t ease it any less
Without you here drives me insane
And my life’s an awful mess

So pray to God and bless the stars
Each other, earth, sun and moon
We’ll be answered as the futures ours
And we’ll be together very soon.

I love you Charity.
One Moment In Our Day

So in love with us, Mr and Mrs Swirl
As precious as life, more beauty than pearl
My milky white, with you dark chocolate brown
And you look a delight, in your wedding gown

Family and friends, stare at us as we speak
I look in your eyes, wipe a tear from your cheek
The crowd is elated, I lift my head, take a browse
We smile and hold hands, as we both say our vows

Thoughts said from the heart, no need for scripts
Mouth so intense, as the words shape your lips
Never seen such beauty, all wrapped up in a dress
Preacher unites us, Gods words, used to bless

The rings on our fingers, say more than just wed
They hold every memory, of every word that we've said
We exchange the conviction, of the love in each heart
Celebrating our history, and our future to start

I'm breathless, I'm speechless, your dress open back
Just wanting to touch, your skin silky black
My heart pounds so happy, that our day has come true
Blessed from all sides, now that I'm married to you

We turn and we see, the people gathered in sight
Walking on rose petals, in glory of black and white
Pausing for a moment, gazing, in each others eyes
A tender kiss we do share, the crowd they all rise

Clapping and cheers, as we walk back up the aisle
Facing each other, with a most endearing smile
So slow is our pace, and so gracious our walk
Whispering I love you, in every breath as we talk

Our wedding day now, celebrating, our swirl love
As amazing as the stars, as elegant as a dove
Two people, two hearts, two minds and two souls
Together forever, sharing our love, and life goals

The One For Me

I'd like to tell you about this lady,
The one that's meant for me,
As thoughtful as the morning dew,
As passionate as the sea,
She calms my soul, keeps me in check,
As her tender fingers caress my neck.

I'd like you to meet this lady one day,
The one who will be mine,
As caring as the gentle breeze,
As scented as the forest pine,
She pulsates my mind, my body too,
As her words whisper of sex and taboo.

I'd like you to see this lady some time,
The one of whom I'm proud,
As beautiful as a golden dawn,
As mystical as a passing cloud,
She quivers my body, tingles my spine,
As her warm fleshy skin wraps around mine.

I'd like you to hear this lady somehow,
The one who sings my song,
As velvet soft as a symphony,
As musical as my life is long,
She quenches my love, fulfils the desire,
As her voice so exquisite sets you on fire.

I'd like you to touch but I can't allow,
The one who is mine is so dear,
As dreamy smooth as Mulberry silk,
As soft as the moisture of a tear,
She ignites my senses, with orgasmic thrills,
As her tantalising touch sends sensual chills.

I'd like you to taste but it can't be,
The one whose life is my truth,
As sweet as a plump ripened peach,
As delicious as salivation of youth,
She licks my sweat as in turn I lick hers,
As our bodily fluid transfers.

I'd like you to understand this lady,
The one whose picture I paint,
As receptive as pollination,
As pure driven as angel or saint,
She heals pain with dissolved absolution,
As she rewires my own restitution.

I'd like you to visualise this lady,
The one who you want her to be,
As tall, short, as pretty as plain,
As the one in your mind you can see,
She walks our earth and searches your name,
As her quest is quite simply the same.

So, I'd like to tell you about this lady,
The one that's meant for me,
As true of heart as cupid is,
As devoted as she is free,

She's all I'll ever need and want,
The best one could ever hope to get,
My searching soul has found it's goal,
In a love story I'll never forget...

Rest Your Head

The photos we have, are sealed for life
The happiness, is clear to see
I cannot wait 'til you be my wife
I cannot wait, for just you and me

The memories just come flooding back
The tears of joy run down my face
I cannot wait, for your bags to pack
I cannot wait, for you to share our space

The pain we have, should not be here
The hurt, it's time, to go away
I cannot wait, I need you my dear
I cannot express it, any other way

The pictures are vivid, within my head
The smell of you, sound taste and touch
I cannot wait for us to share our bed
I cannot wait, I simply miss you so much

The love we have, runs forever so deep
The vows we made, despite being apart
I cannot wait to be together to sleep
I cannot wait... come lay on my heart
One Simple Question

How do you know that you're in love,
When you're thousands of miles apart?
It's the pain you feel, with each memory,
It's that tugging, you feel on your heart,

It's in the knowing that you feel the same,
It's in the messages, that you write,
It's in that cheery way we greet the day,
It's in the time, it takes to say good night,

It's in every breath of every moment,
It's in the way, that we converse,
It's in the voice of when we celebrate,
It's in consolation, when we're feeling worse,

It's in the planning of our lives ahead,
It's in the understanding, and synchronicity,
It's in the complex discussions we undertake,
It's in our resolve, with such simplicity,

It's in the past, and from, when first we met,
It's in the memories we've already made,
It's in the dancing where we held each other,
It's in all of the music we played,

It's in the common ground we walk upon,
It's in each tender, touch and feel,
It's in those times, when we're all alone,
It's in those sneaky kisses we steel,

It's in our hearts and minds, body and soul,
It's in the blood running through the vein,
It's in that feeling when we're lost at sea,
It's when all has gone, but you still remain,

It's never having to be scared,
It's knowing that you're always there,
It's appreciating, just how much you give,
It's being unconditional, in what you share,

It's opening up, to let you in,
It's having you at the end of every call,
It's building up our hopes and dreams,
It's knowing you'll catch me, should I fall,

It's jointly coming to wise decisions,
It's communicating with open minds,
It's never having to hide the truth,
It's being two spirits of similar kinds,

It's everything that I've said and more,
It's the feeling we can't explain,
It's the unity, of two people as one,
It's the knowing, we share each others pain,

It's a list of endless emotions,
It's the thoughts that run through the head,
It's the passion, the drive, creativity,
It's the day that we wish, when we're wed,

It's the realisation, knowing just who we are,
It's the prospects of fulfilling our plans,
It's the way, that we laugh at each other,
It's the way, that we hold each others hands,

It's in every expression, which graces the face,
It's even in the way, of how the eyes talk,
It's in the body language, of each single move,
It's that cute little skip in the walk,

It's in the rings we exchanged as a token,
It's in the vows, we pledged to undertake,
It's in the promise to love now forever,
It's in our marriage, and family we'll make,

It's in the fact that there's not enough words,
It's in the way, that I can't finish this rhyme,
It's only one simply little question,
It's explanation, could never be written, in all time...

So, how do you know that you're in love,
When you're thousands of miles apart?
It's clear to see, where lies the answer,
It's there, in every beat of your heart.


The build up of months of our chat,
Discussing life, love and work, things like that,

Honest communication, it was key,
It was clear I fell for her, and her for me,

Talking so intense and so deep every day,
So meaningfully true and open, in every way,

The love in my heart ruled my head,
Ignoring all sensibility it said,

No longer could my heart take the pain,
So it held my hand, as I boarded the plane,

To a country destination unknown,
Somewhere new where I never had flown,

Yet it didn't matter, where I was to land,
It was part of loves journey already planned,

There was only one thing on my mind,
To be with the love that I just had to find,

It was true, it was real, I was there,
With the black silky skin girl, with curly hair,

With our emotions and adrenaline so high,
When she ran towards me, to meet me, I could cry,

At last the love of my life I did meet,
My dearest Charity who makes me complete.

In My Life

The love in my life is you
The you in my life is true
The truth in my life is light
The light in my life is bright
The bright in my life is now
The now in my life is my vow
The vow in my life is clarity
Knowing how much I love you my Charity

Work Of Art

Every day - In every way - The words we say - Are here to stay

The love we find - In brilliant mind - We are entwined - Two of a kind

The love we share - Shows that we care - A love so rare - A Swirl Love pair

It is so true - We always knew - That me and you - The perfect two

It's clear to see - We both agree - That you and me - Shall always be

With our know-how - We made a vow - That would allow - Us here and now

We each adore - As we explore - Our rapport - Forever more

We can't deny - At times we cry - Want time to fly - 'Til we unify

With endless bliss - We remember this - That we both miss - Our tender kiss

We'll take a plane - To kill the pain - So we remain - Together again

'Cause we are smart - A work of art - Right from the start - In each others heart

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There are more poems to come, so please check back for updates or contact us and discover how you can become a part of the Swirl Love community. The full unbelievably romantic true love story of Steve and Charity shall be published in paperback at a later date as part of the second book by Steve Stachini. Read Steve's first book titled 'My Life Naked And Raw' an autobiography of inspiration, contact us for more details.

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